Could it be by chance?

It’s not by chance that we think of a dear friend we haven’t heard from in ages , only to hear our phone ring and guess who? Surprise , Surprise….

It’s not by chance that we say to ourselves , Oh I need to call so and so , and we pick up the phone , it’s a missed call from them!!!

It’s not by chance that we have thoughts swirling in our heads, and the next thing we know, nature starts acting it out/ giving us answers by way of real life events…(TV, radio, conversations, billboards e.t.c)

It’s not by chance that we have and remember peculiar dreams. Sometimes the picture messages are very clear and precise ,and other times very confusing….
How often do we brush them off , only to realise that they were indeed cryptic messages for the applicable other or even ourselves???

It’s not by chance that you wake up from a short nap, with a heart pounding call. You heard your name loud and clear , but you find you’re all alone … Why the call? Am I hallucinating?
You then realise seconds later, that it was to avert an imminent mishap or to help someone in distress…

It’s not by chance that you awake suddenly at night with a very clear destination and mission… Your baby’s room…you feel him/her… hotter than molten magma with a grunt that says, act now Dear Mum…

It’s not by chance that you have an overarching urge to write, to speak ,to listen to, to touch, to heal minds, bodies and souls….No matter how much we ignore it , the  feeling  never goes away.It instead haunts us day and night, giving us more and more reasons and themes to write about….

The Energy needs to flow, we can’t keep it all in(IT whispers)..

It’s not by chance that we see it , taste it , smell it , feel it , perceive it , hear it, sense it …… and whatever else we receive from this vast universe…..It’s not by chance my dear friends…

It’s not by chance that we meet who we meet ,we love who we love, and be with who we’re with… No matter the circumstances and decisions and journeys, it’s not by chance … There’s a story, a reason, and some learning ….

Let us think about the ..” Could it be by chance(s)?” we’ve encountered in our  lives and ponder… And ask…What’s the story?What are you trying to tell me?….

Yours “Ponderingly”…

One Love Xxxx

Ral ….



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