You appear to be this big, cold space
Accepting everything dated and dusty
Infested with the sequelae of neglect
How lonesome it must feel…
But you know what ?
I see you and I love you.

You ingest the onslaught of the sleepy world
Yet one word of complaint, you never mutter
You are dishevelled, malnourished,fragmented
Still you serve with loyalty and dignity…
Do you know what?
I see you and I love you.

The world may appear malevolent
It may seem there’s no care left here
Who would know that emptiness plagues you?
Hard to imagine given the weight you accomodate
But you should know that
I see you and I love you.

Hear this , You massively important space
Without you clutter reigns free
Without you history has no marker
Without you memories have no haven
Know this today
I see you and I love you

Fear not, worry not, doubt not
The once Unseen, now Seen space
Your significance has come to light
You are so deserving of all the love you now receive
Always know that whenever you feel unseen
I see you and I love you


One Love..

Ral xx


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