NAKED, we are born

Imagine for one moment…

Born naked and free, we are

Yet our whole lives are spent struggling to be just that.

Open and vulnerable we truly are,

However we go through life disowning just that,

Wild and authentic our true natures are,

But a great chunk of our existence denies just that….


Just Thinking…

Life as we know it, exists freely

Body as we see it, exists naked

Heart as we feel it remains, vulnerable

Mind as we perceive it, remains open

Nature as we experience it, is authentic

Love,sex ,music, beauty are often Wild……


We are often .…….

Loving about what we think we know ,

Accepting of what we think we understand

Understanding about what we can relate with

Relate with what seems acceptable to us

Protective of what makes us vulnerable

Satisfied with what appears universal


Is there room?

In our hearts… to love in ways we are not used to?

In our minds …to think and analyse in unconventional ways?

In our tongues… to bring forth healing words that may sound alien to us?

In our ears …to listen without judgement or criticism but with pure intent?

In our eyes… to see humanity, our planet , our universe as One?

In our hands …to extend healing and uplifting energy – one being to another?


It begins..

Here and now…

Inside me and you…

When we delve deeper…

As we honestly explore…

From our heart space ..

With a process of INQUIRY …………


Eventually We Begin to …

See ,

Feel ,

Taste ,

Hear/Perceive ,



The Nakedness of Life and the Freedom we are born with…. 


One Love…



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