Until you find your truth..

I’ve felt uninspired ,
I’ve felt drained,
I’ve felt disillusioned,
I’ve felt depleted incapable of giving anymore
I’ve felt disenchanted there was no more magic in life
I”ve felt lonesome-despite all around me
I’ve felt lost-with no idea how to find my way home
I’ve felt disconnected from my soul’s purpose
I’ve felt dissociated – from my tribe
I’ve felt disentangled from that which serves me
I’ve felt disillusioned
I’ve felt a deep sense of loss-yet seemingly having it all

I assumed I had to be in control ,
I thought it was in my power to find my way back home,
I pushed…the more I pushed, the harder life pushed back…Arghhh!!!

Just let it be, just let go, It’s not your battle
The Silent whisperings of my soul….
Not surprisingly, ignored during this period of heightened resistance with life….

Exhausted with fighting,
I showed up anyway,
Pregnant with expectation,
Apprehensive of the transformation,
Riddled with fear of the unknown
Wondering if I’d be courageous enough to handle the message and carry it forth….


I’ve re-discovered my truth….
I’ve found my place
I have love ,a love that passeth all cognitive understanding
I’ve found my peace
I’ve found my alignment
I have a heart full of joy
I have faith to glide through the unknown
I have abundance
I’m experiencing enlightenment
I’m vulnerable yet strong
I can see, hear , feel , breathe , taste , smell,and perceive with clarity

I am alive again, I have life and life has and holds me , and if I fall again I know I will find you yet again…
If the storms come raging ,I know YOU will protect and Shelter me….

All I need to remember to do is Surrender ….
Surrender all, and the Divine Essence shall give me a new song, a renewed purpose and a re-ignited passion to make my journey uniquely beautiful…

My Truth which makes me whole…I’m truly and deeply grateful and humbled to have found you again…

And so here I ask…..

What makes our hearts sing truly?
What is our truth on a personal level?

My most sincere heartfelt prayer is that we all individually discover what our Truths are…

That we are blessed with the moments, the stillness ,the courage,the guidance to discover our truths…

One Love xxx