Here I am again..

I’ve been away far too long and today a heartfelt decision has been made to return me to me!!!

My head has been in control far too long ….It really has…

I feel I’ve given my head enough time to be in charge so let heart intelligence take over …

I leave myself open for my heart to lead and my gut intelligence to support .

Not forgetting to address the concerns of my head intelligence, because it sure gives out valid reasons for holding back ….

I’m reassured by the comfort and the warmth that wholeheartedness brings,

Yet apprehensive of the warning signs and factual evidence that my “head-fullness” offers….

All in all within my core , my gut will always support me….

I leave myself open to receive the goodness from the soft whisperings of all the elements ….

Because I am here with all the elements … Here I am again….

Peace …
One Love ….
Ral Xxx