Hello People,

I’m sat here twiddling my thumbs, not having to chase the kids around to get ready for school. It’s half-term, Yippee!

I’m fully dressed, ready for work, but that’s not until an hour or two. I’ve got a bit of chill out time, and I’m thinking, write now or write later? Write Now, Right Now!

So, the Whatsapp”Heart Food” encounter. No prices for guessing that I’ve chosen to talk about this…

Some of us are aware of the Energising experience (I choose not to call it Mayhem) from my not being very tech savvy on WhatsApp. What was supposed to be an invitation to visit this blog, turned out to be a “marketplace”- of which we all have our differing opinions about how we view a “marketplace”.

For the benefit, of all who weren’t privy to this … here it goes…

So I wanted to send a link informing my Whatsapp friends about this new blogsite! I then look at the options, one says “Broadcast Lists, and the other says “New group”. Without a thought my reasoning goes with New group, because my naïve brain thinks the message will be sent in one block, and save me hours on my phone!

I then click that option, and it says “provide group subject”. “Heart Food” happily pops into my head. I still didn’t get it (obviously my first time setting up a group)! Next came “add participants”, again off I went happily adding all my friends from different walks of life!

Guess what? In all my glee, the link to the blogsite erroneously didn’t accompany it as it should initially have. I was expecting that the responses would all come back to me, and instead what ensued left me slightly stunned! I then had to type the link to this website again and explain to the group that all I wanted was for them to check out the new website and leave comments if they wished. How many people even got this, I’m yet to know …

What was apparent was that, Everyone became connected in a flash! Some were on board with what had happened, and some, obviously very confused, and moi, left stunned re:my creation!

Obviously, when one person responded to me, Millions of others (exaggeration), received the same message. I couldn’t even keep up with the beeps on my own phone, and I imagined that it was the same with others. Oh dear… What have I done?? It was done with the best of intentions, I didn’t mean to disrupt anyone’s peace…

There was no taking it back…. It was already out there!! The VIRUS!!!

Some of us were unperturbed about the intrusion (RESILIENCE … You guys rock). Others, obviously, couldn’t hide their disgust, and it showed big time. Some Guardians of mine took it upon themselves to protect the cause, and it resulted in what we see around the world… CONFLICT!!

I can’t begin to mention the myriad of emotions that began to rear their “protective” heads, when I witnessed what ensued eventually. “Doubt, Fear, Regret, Despondence, Irritation, Negative Self talk etc …. all came creeping out!

For just a brief moment, I felt all those emotions rising, and as my one time coach (J.K) would say-Switch those thoughts, and rather than ask them to go away, welcome them and thank them for being there to protect you. Tell the thoughts that YOU are all right and YOU are ENOUGH.

How quickly those emotions dissipated, I’m still yet to comprehend! I still couldn’t help feeling responsible for the state of mind that some people would’ve been left in as a result of my choice.

I couldn’t also help feeling how this whole experience could be likened to our individual LIVES and LIFE as a whole.

You make a choice and it leads you somewhere, you make a different choice, and it could lead you somewhere else, or even to the same place, albeit through a different path.

What we encounter as we go through life may not necessarily be within our control. What sounds plausible is the fact, that how we choose to experience life, via our thoughts, feelings and emotions, could very much be within our control.

And So.. I ask myself again how do you view the experience from the “WhatsApp life lesson“…?

And I say, it has more than anything, stressed the value of RESPECTING other people’s opinions.

It has made me realise more than ever, that, as our faces aren’t alike, so are our views about life.

It has made me more aware of the fact that when I press a button, I shall have to be ready to face what comes with it, with COURAGE

It has made me realize that if we learn to EMBRACE and APPRECIATE the lessons we learn from the choices we make in life , then there are no paths that can’t be trodden upon.

It has made me realise that FEAR is many times more LIMITING, than it is Protective…

…….All in all, it was an enlightening experience and that’s how I like to view things these days…..

How about this?

In life, when we are faced with tiny disruptions to our supposedly chosen paths, how do we respond? How do we react? How do we create our reality?

Do we just give up when we encounter difficulties? (like I nearly did) Or do we EMBRACE and  WELCOME the difficulties?

Can we pause for one moment to think about this?

…….I certainly would want to hope that the steps we take towards increasing our SELF AWARENESS would make the route to SELF -MASTERY easily within our reach.

I’ll love to leave this quote from a very famous writer…

“Self-love is not so vile a sin as Self- neglect”.

William Shakespeare.

(Definitely worth reflecting upon)

Wishing us all a beautiful weekend….

One love

Ral Xxx

(We shall discuss further, some of the words highlighted in BOLD in future post)



Hello world!

This is all very new to me ….

I’ve been sat here for quite sometime now wondering what on Earth made me decide to blog!(I’m deliberately withholding some info here- I’ve had frequent fridge raiding breaks intertwined with loo breaks  of course)!

Still I’m finding it quite difficult to come up with a nice, reader friendly reason , that will make this blog more attractive , but I can’t .

I search and search and … Voila!  The answer lies in the blog title….. Memories and projections!!!

My dear ,sweet little sister ,who listens to my ramblings most times, and for some reason seems to find wisdom from our chats ,asked me today…So what will you call your blog?  “Memories and Projections ” , I said to her…..

Wow! She said, that’s quite deep . I then asked , do you think it will turn people away? She cleverly replied, it will attract like minds ….

Which brings me to the  very question…why have I decided to blog??

I’ve decided to blog for me!…….No jokes here people…..

The reality for me , is that I’m always talking to ,talking with, deliberating on issues with, trying to find a solution with, walking with, crying with , moving along with, and whatever else with , PEOPLE everyday.

I’ve always sought a medium where I could have a community filled with my family , friends , colleagues, neighbours, strangers et al.

A community where we could strengthen each other with our experiences, our memories and our optimism for the future.

A community where authenticity and openness would abound, whist still embracing our flaws and shortcomings

A community where we all  could be part of the great universe, without only ever having to be connected by blood, marriage, location,gender, sexuality, religion, social status, profession, chance….

A community where  we truly and deeply celebrate BEING, Not necessarily DOING!

A community that would hopefully enable us realise, that we we are indeed not by ourselves, we have one another physically, spiritually and whatever else nature throws at us….

A community that hopefully would help us realise that ,despite our memories and projections being part of our lives, WE are who we are , by BEING who we are NOW.

A community , that’ll help us celebrate our memories , embrace our projections and enjoy the “NOW”…….

That’s not so deep ……..Is it ? …..You tell me ……

One Love ..

C’est Moi……