She…..Who we all celebrate

Today We Celebrate SHE…..

Mothers-My Mama, ever loving, ever giving, ever nurturing,ever self-less, ever-knowing,ever intuitive, ever supportive, Now a mum myself, I see and I know the blessing that you are to your husband , your children and your entire family. You have loved us unconditionally from the moment you conceived us till this present moment…You still think of us first when you wake up, and we are the last thing on your mind before you sleep. You have touched the lives of thousands of people worldwide with your fiery passion to educate and inspire growth in others.You have won the heart and respect of your husband and in-laws ,as you have stood(and still stand) by your man through thick and thin,whilst extending your love and generosity towards others…10,000 pages are not enough to write about your incredible expressions of unconditional love . You are my heroine , You are my torch , You are my stepping stone,You are my rockstar..I love you Mum…

Sisters– My beloved Sisters.. the thought of you both feels my heart with so much joy..You make me feel like I have a billion hands around me, holding me up ,and never letting go..I’m confident as I walk this path called the journey of life, because I never feel alone. I feel your eternal love daily and I’m blessed to have you in my life .Together we laugh, together we cry, together we stand.. My love for you is unfathomable and never ceases…I could never have asked for better co-pilots as I navigate this journey..

Cousins-My G-funk girls for life, amazing ,courageous women you are, and are growing up to be. You have learnt from the best women and men in the world. You are always willing to be there for me when I need help, when I need support, and when I need to feel younger at heart..We share silly stories, We share our men woes, We laugh, we dance ,we cry..Remain Loving and Courageous.. Love you all so much..

Sisters/Mothers in Law-Your love is reflective of the one who sleeps beside me tonight. You love, and so he loves.. Sisters-You have nurtured and supported the men and women  in your lives,hence this circle of love we possess,which I am so blessed to experience….All my love to you …

Aunts-My dear surrogate mums.. You who have nurtured and cared for me when mum was out working, worn and tired, You who taught me to cook delicious meals , You who made my hair and dressed me up, You who listened to my crush stories,You who taught me dance moves , You who sang to me , You who loved me before you had yours (and still do)… My Aunts are the best.. I love you all so dearly, Remember in your hearts today the good times we’ve had ..Love is the only key to lasting happiness and joy...

Friends-What can I say about my friends, who are more like my soul sisters!I got to experience the true value of friendship recently . The outpouring of love cracked my heart open.The sheer volume of the love I received made up for the loss borne at the time. You are all amazing, and I love you all just the way you are…Thank you all for being with me on this journey, called LIFE….

Acquaintances-All the transient bystanders who’ve had one or two chit chats with me , you who’ve made the train journeys interesting, you who’ve triggered interesting conversations in restaurants,the hellos on the side walks to and from school runs,the acknowledging nods from you as we run past one another during our morning runs,you who I’ve made an instant connection with at conferences, workshops et al. We may never meet again or may never get to know one another past this level..I acknowledge you and send you love and gratitude for the positive energy..

Colleagues-I acknowledge all my female colleagues , past , present and future.My most heartfelt gratitude for  listening ,understanding, supporting,encouraging, guiding &caring for  me .Thanks for appreciating how tough it can be,being a Woman in the workplace, and acknowledging that we often struggle, especially when it comes to balancing our numerous responsibilities … You are Loved…

Women worldwide– I acknowledge you for your strength, tenacity, divine love, compassion,creativity, warmth ..I reach out to all you beautiful beings…Rise up, awaken and reclaim your sacred femininity…

All feminine beings– Awaken!!! Let us Love , Love , Love with all our hearts . That which comes naturally to us yearns to be explored and unleashed…SEND LOVE & LIGHT INTO OUR WORLD.

Me– I acknowledge me, and rejoice in the knowledge of the consciousness that has borne me into existence. I rejoice in the knowledge of the divine connection with all that has been, all that is and all that will be.I acknowledge this beautiful soul that has chosen to experience life in this beautiful vehicle called my body.I acknowledge this mind that strives daily to protect this soul which knows no fear,by being incredibly creative! Thank you of caring for us … I Love me , I Love you, I Love us…

As we celebrate Women, may we remember to make time ,not just today ,but every so often to acknowledge the beauty of the divine feminine in our lives.. Rise up , awaken , Oh ye creative beings, Let us join hands and protect, nourish,and preserve what we have all collectively birthed and continue to birth.. Our Men and boys need us to lead them to LOVE, Our World needs us , God has chosen us and has given us these divine feminine gifts…..GOD is LOVE and  LOVE is the message…

One Love..

Ral xxx

“In blessed memory of my dearest Grandmother Elizabeth Diana Uzuhai (whose presence and love I still feel ) and her Mother, my great grandmother Margaret Esedumme- Both amazing women in their unique ways.

I also acknowledge and celebrate my paternal Grandmother Janet Gbandi, whose compassion, love and wisdom I heard of as a child . Sadly we never met , but I am an extension of your divine femininity..”

(PS: this was written yesterday in commemoration of  International Women’s Day)


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