You appear to be this big, cold space
Accepting everything dated and dusty
Infested with the sequelae of neglect
How lonesome it must feel…
But you know what ?
I see you and I love you.

You ingest the onslaught of the sleepy world
Yet one word of complaint, you never mutter
You are dishevelled, malnourished,fragmented
Still you serve with loyalty and dignity…
Do you know what?
I see you and I love you.

The world may appear malevolent
It may seem there’s no care left here
Who would know that emptiness plagues you?
Hard to imagine given the weight you accomodate
But you should know that
I see you and I love you.

Hear this , You massively important space
Without you clutter reigns free
Without you history has no marker
Without you memories have no haven
Know this today
I see you and I love you

Fear not, worry not, doubt not
The once Unseen, now Seen space
Your significance has come to light
You are so deserving of all the love you now receive
Always know that whenever you feel unseen
I see you and I love you


One Love..

Ral xx


As The Tears Flow


Melancholic, broken, drowning in my tears ..

Rife with self-pity , I notice that I’m here yet again!

With judgement and criticism , I marvel at my senseless stupidity


This dark room has never felt so expansive

Looking around my familiar surroundings, everything appears strange

I ask .. “What am I doing here again?”


How did I get to this place?

Is it this relentless struggle to be?

Could it be that no one else truly understands ?


I’ve lost that feeling of being myself

Who the hell am I? Did I give that away too?

Through the tears everything appears blurry


At last I give in to the sobs wracking my whole being

I mourn the loss of who I used to be

Happy, content , safe and loved…


All I want is the freedom to be me ..

Will that ever be understood?

What is this need to be understood?


Here I lie, spent, red-faced, a puffy- nose, swollen eyes ,dry mouth

Nothing more , Nothing less re-surfaces,

Still patiently waiting for answers …


My thoughts begin their wondrous journey of inquiry..

Do I love Melancholy ?

Does Melancholy love me?


Both…. She gently whispers ..

Melancholy is your friend ..

Yippee!My long awaited answer arrives


Melancholy takes you on exciting journeys

That are found nowhere outside yourself

For that which you seek is with and within you


Confused? listen with your heart…

Your head is the filter , your heart is the gateway..

Feel the feelings, they are your gifts


You asked to find you? Now here it is ..

That path can only be undertaken

When melancholy is accepted, and not shamed.


Accept her wisdom and your guide she shall be..

Revealing all truths buried deep inside the abyss

Truths seeking the route to freedom


Embrace her and she shall be your cocoon

The comfort she’ll bring you

Shall help you weather the storms


Unite now with her and the release you experience

Will be that unattainable freedom which you seek

For it lies within you


As I embark on this rocky scenic path,

Awash with waves of tearfulness,

I’m gifted with peace and reassurance….


For in that moment , I know

Without a shadow of doubt or despair

That this path which leads me to me….


Can only be full of the riches that only tears reveal

And with it comes the realisation……



It might appear that I often write about pain and suffering but pain is real and often misunderstood and challenged….
I have come to realise that through pain comes enlightenment and wisdom…
Does this resonate with you? Please drop me a line if it does…

One Love XXx