Who am I?

When you look in the mirror who do you see?

What do you see?

I’m asking myself , and I’m asking you……

Who am I?

Who are you?

Who are we?

These are questions that were asked of me years ago,and it served as a kickstart to my relentless journey on self re-discovery…..

These same questions I ask my family, friends ,colleagues and patients…Always whenever anyone cares to share their thoughts…..

It’s so difficult to stop and ask ourselves very pertinent questions, because we are most often scared of the answers …

This is because we have the solutions deep within us, but the actions which should follow could shake our very core…..and that is the very thing we fear….

In this constantly fast paced world, the most common jeopardy we face, is that of Self Alienation!!!

Self Alienation because we are constantly plagued by the restrictions placed on us by society to conform to rules

Self Alienation because we are constantly striving to live some other life carved out for us by our religious and cultural shaping…..

Self Alienation because any attempt at going contrary to the norm is largely frowned upon , … and as no man wants to be an island we quickly conform to the expected…..

Self Alienation because it is a daily struggle to align our selves with our truest , purest , most authentic  Selves….

Self Alienation because when the real me wants to BE , I shut it down because of Shame , fear , guilt, perceived failure…… What will they think of me? I say very quietly to myself……

Self Alienation because we feel so constrained and too weak to fight for what we believe in …..

Self Alienation because we choose not to embrace and cradle our perceived weaknesses for fear of being ridiculed….

Self Alienation because what we feel, think , and dream of, in the innermost recesses of our beings , always remain hidden … Out of sight …No one will ever know.. It’s simpler that way…

Self Alienation because what the world expects of us, is truly not what we want to be…..

Self Alienation because what you truly Crave is Forbidden…….Not acceptable to society….

Self Alienation because we live by rules set by others, rules set by the world , rather than living  from a place within us.. Our Hearts….

The reasons go on and on , but the important bit is this…..

Who do we want to be on our dying beds? What  would we like to say about the lives we’ve lived , when the end is nigh ? What if there was no heaven or hell, and THIS IS IT?

Who are you ? …Most Importantly….If there was no guilt, shame , fear, or any limiting emotion, What and Who would you be?

Always so much love from me…..

RaL …..




Fear … the limiting Illusion

Dear People …..

I haven’t been here in ages…. so many reasons why…… one of them being the subject of “Fear”………

I’ve been plagued by this for years ….. This is my quest to come out of the dark and embrace fear ….

I’ll just want to introduce the topic with questions on my mind…

What is fear?
Why do we have fear in our lives?
What do we fear?
Who do we fear?
What is the purpose of fear?
What have we learnt from fear?
Are we willing to turn fear around?
Could we be blessed by fear?

It’s obvious that FEAR is playing on my mind tonight…… I’m determined to use it as a learning curve.

Perhaps the first step to overcoming our fears is to consider the questions above…..Mulling the answers over and over … Then we may be able to start the process of confronting and embracing our fears …

Peace and One love , as we start this process….

Love Always Xxx