Hello world!

This is all very new to me ….

I’ve been sat here for quite sometime now wondering what on Earth made me decide to blog!(I’m deliberately withholding some info here- I’ve had frequent fridge raiding breaks intertwined with loo breaks  of course)!

Still I’m finding it quite difficult to come up with a nice, reader friendly reason , that will make this blog more attractive , but I can’t .

I search and search and … Voila!  The answer lies in the blog title….. Memories and projections!!!

My dear ,sweet little sister ,who listens to my ramblings most times, and for some reason seems to find wisdom from our chats ,asked me today…So what will you call your blog?  “Memories and Projections ” , I said to her…..

Wow! She said, that’s quite deep . I then asked , do you think it will turn people away? She cleverly replied, it will attract like minds ….

Which brings me to the  very question…why have I decided to blog??

I’ve decided to blog for me!…….No jokes here people…..

The reality for me , is that I’m always talking to ,talking with, deliberating on issues with, trying to find a solution with, walking with, crying with , moving along with, and whatever else with , PEOPLE everyday.

I’ve always sought a medium where I could have a community filled with my family , friends , colleagues, neighbours, strangers et al.

A community where we could strengthen each other with our experiences, our memories and our optimism for the future.

A community where authenticity and openness would abound, whist still embracing our flaws and shortcomings

A community where we all  could be part of the great universe, without only ever having to be connected by blood, marriage, location,gender, sexuality, religion, social status, profession, chance….

A community where  we truly and deeply celebrate BEING, Not necessarily DOING!

A community that would hopefully enable us realise, that we we are indeed not by ourselves, we have one another physically, spiritually and whatever else nature throws at us….

A community that hopefully would help us realise that ,despite our memories and projections being part of our lives, WE are who we are , by BEING who we are NOW.

A community , that’ll help us celebrate our memories , embrace our projections and enjoy the “NOW”…….

That’s not so deep ……..Is it ? …..You tell me ……

One Love ..

C’est Moi……



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