Looking for love in all the right places?

Hello Everyone,

With Valentine’s Day celebrations , just barely gone , I reckon we all had our doses and potions of love, appreciation care  and affection …

It feels good to be shown all the above , doesn’t it…

Valentine’s day really feels surreal .. I especially recall feeling a flutter in my heart a few days back, when I was doing my weekly grocery shopping… It was then that it  hit me that this is really a big deal…

All around me were dozens of Roses et al, waiting to work their way into someones’s heart , thousands of teddy bears with hear shaped decors, waiting to find their way into someone’s arms, Chocolates, gifts , bottles of wine all silently calling out for passers by to pick them up…

I understand the cynicism some may have towards it ..

However, May I add , that ,in a world that’s  already crying out for Love, if we didn’t have one day to remind us about LOVE , what would become of our Dear Universe?

Amazing isn’t it ? We are all capable of love , and we are all worthy of being loved…

What fuels this Love ? It’s not fabricated , it’s genuine..

Why does it then wither away with time , Why does it all dissipate into nothing , why do we let something so beautiful float away …Why ?

(Phases .. It’s all to do with the phases of life , my head replies…)

I don’t know why … I suppose there are a million reasons why Love once found , becomes Love to be sought…

It’s difficult I imagine , to really understand the real fathomless depth of true love, only to throw it all away….  ,

Whilst reflecting on the above in my quiet moments,  my heart asked me a question…

The pertinent question is…..

When it comes to love ,are we looking in the right places? Are we looking inwards ? Then reflecting it outwards.

Are we looking for appreciation , without first appreciating that one who longs to be be appreciated by us? YOU…

Are we caring for that heart that yearns to be cared for? 

I think of my loved ones and tears fill my eyes…. because I wonder , I really do wonder…

Am I showing them everyday , (not just on Valentine’s day) that I truly and deeply love them with every pore of my being ….

Am I searching the right places ?

I hope we all are, and that we all begin to …

It is my solemn prayer and innermost wish that we all individually and collectively come to a place  of Divine Peace and Love , and as a result, give and receive that Love ,which Mother Earth is so in need of…. Amen, Amen , Amen…

Peace and Love..(with tears in my eyes)

Ral Xxx


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