Let’s Communicate with Authenticity and Love

At the heart of true and deep  communication lies……

. The need to be listened to…

. The need to be understood beyond perceived opinions and misconceptions…

. The need to be heard above external and internal noise…

. The need for felt connection…

. The need to be truly loved despite perceived  failings…

. The need to be  100% Authentic…

Have a look around … What do we see/perceive /hear/feel /experience?

The joys of deep,authentic communication between people(s) and places ?

Or do we see  the state of self/societal-imposed incommunicado that affects people(s) and places…?

Directly or indirectly, we become consumed  by “what/which”,  we choose to feed..

The greatest foe of True communication is Fear…

“Be it fear of criticism, fear of ridicule, fear of not being allowed to be authentic, fear of judgement, fear of being misunderstood, fear of rejection, fear of failing to say what we want to say with eloquence,fear of alienation, fear of one’s vulnerability being exposed….etc”….

That’s what lies between us and our true expression of ourselves…. At least that’s what I’ve so far, come to realise…

Irrespective of this Foe can we communicate with authenticity and love?

Yes we can...

We can overcome this fear, whatever form it takes,

We can learn true communication by authenticating ourselves first

We can give Love a chance by first learning to love ourselves

We can open our hearts to really listen and understand

We can break the barriers and shackles,which  directly or indirectly disrupt true communication

We can learn and observe the golden rules of communication..

We simply can learn to communicate with authenticity and love  …it is an art that is as  old as the universe, and you know what? We are all privy to it…

First SEEK and Ye shall FIND…(words from the scriptures)

The Art and Science of Communication may come naturally to some…To others it may need to be learned….

Wherever we find ourselves at, let’s call that our starting point….


How can one  understand another, when one cannot or isn’t able to understand oneself?

The first person we earnestly need to learn to communicate with, is within….

Look inwards, listen attentively, feel the emotions , move with the rhythm,accept yourself , then let the  ripple effect of all that energy and love flow outwards……..

In a world fraught with chaos and disruptions,May we find that stillness we all seek and need daily…..

One Love…

Ral …..Xxxx


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